Positivity Through Change

By Nienie Pienaar

The past 5 weeks have really been history in the making, not just in South Africa but all over the world. For most people, it seems like a scary and uncertain time; but for me, this is an exciting time. 

I normally do not like change, especially when all is working and going well, but I have come to learn that in order to grow there needs to be change; and you need to get out of your comfort zone. 

The 5 Weeks of lockdown have done wonders for me and for my family. We are a family of 5, with a very busy schedule; 3 of us are working and 2 are currently in high school. 

We are always busy with all kinds of activities. For us to suddenly have nothing on the schedule for 3 weeks, which was then extended to 5 weeks was going to be very different, and that is an understatement; but we are always up for a challenge.

The first few days were without any routine, we were sleeping late and just resting. Then we got back to some kind of routine. Of course, the house was cleaned and reorganized from top to bottom, and in the afternoons we turned the house into a gym; treadmill running, cross fitting, just some normal gym work, running or walking in the garden… It was exercise time for the next hour, or an hour and a half. 

The online school then started up. We had quiet mornings, some chatting and playful afternoons, exercise time and restful evenings; that has become the norm.

In this time I have learned things about my children that I never knew before, it has really been a blessed time, and although these times are very uncertain, we have grown closer together, and we just know that all will be well because Jesus is with us every step of the way!

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