Lockdown Testimony with Nick

By Nick Pretorius

The Slipstream Challenge got me back on the indoor trainer.

My story starts on the 20th of January while cycling my normal route around the mines in our area.

On this specific day my road bike’s front wheel just washed out suddenly, causing me to fall onto the surface of the road, directly onto my left hip. This caused a compression fracture of the Femur Neck. The fracture was repaired, three screws were inserted from the outside of the Femur through the Neck and into the Femur Ball; thus holding the Ball in place inside my Femur. 

As my journey to recovery started, I eagerly proceeded to do all that I could to speed up my healing process. After 6 weeks I was ready to, gently, try a soft spin on my indoor trainer. I realised immediately that things were not all okay. 

A set of new X-Rays and a visit to the Doctor revealed, that the repair had not been successful; a complete hip replacement was required. 

My first reaction; I need time to consider my options. After a  second opinion from a Doctor in Pretoria revealed the same prognosis. My hip replacement date was set for 15 April.

Then came Corona, and the Lockdown. My operation was cancelled and I was left with a hip fracture which was not healing. I quietly continued with my rehab program, suddenly, a challenge appeared on the Slipstream Group. 

At first, I was hesitant, but then I decided to join in the fun. I have since expanded my hip rehabilitation training into further strength training, and as a result of the challenge, I am back on the indoor trainer; and not doing so bad.

I am patiently waiting for a new date for my hip replacement. I am now inspired by the challenge to rebuild my strength and fitness in preparation for the next operation.

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