As we are all adjusting to ‘life in lockdown’ and have noticed how popular our ‘Lockdown Challenges’ have become, we are very excited to introduce a different ‘kind’ of challenge; ‘The Kindness Challenge’.

Kindness: /ˈkʌɪn(d)nəs/ 


The quality of being generous, helpful, and caring about other people, or an act showing this quality.

During this time of lockdown, how are we treating the people closest to us? Are we showing the quality of kindness to our loved ones?

Well, this is the idea; during this time of lockdown, we encourage you to consciously act in kindness… this can be unique and personal to your situation and could look anything like; making your sister, brother, mother or father a cup of tea or a snack, calling and connecting with a friend, thanking the cashier for their service, or buying the security guard a cold drink!

On our Whatsapp group, we will send out a challenge ‘prompt’, which will direct you to a specific act of kindness that you can do; right where you are! We would love to document this beautiful journey of kindness with you, and on our website to encourage others, so please share your pictures, videos, stories and testimonies with us!