Day dreaming, LEGO, and Puzzles

By Angie Van Staden

When the lockdown was announced, my first thought was “How am I going to keep these kids occupied in a confined space, with a tiny garden and nowhere to exert their energy? And for however many weeks?”. The Holy Spirit immediately spoke to my heart and said, “I know exactly where you stay and I’ve given you the great grace for this time”. That really settled my heart. 

I’ve have found the time at home to be nothing more than miraculous, especially having energetic kids who love visiting and going out. 

We’ve really had special family moments together, spending more time and doing things together. 

The kids have been able to continue with homeschooling. God has helped us in redeeming some of the time that we missed during the process of Jannie journeying home. Wallie has also helped us implement a routine that works wonderfully (the principal has spoken, hahaha)!

I stand amazed at the ideas the kids have come up with to keep themselves busy. We have been snail racing, dog training, sitting on the wall – reading and day dreaming, playing church, making crafts, building LEGO, puzzles and just having fun together!

There has definitely been more fun and laughter at home and positive interaction between us. 

I’m really thankful to the Lord for this positive lockdown experience, it been wonderful being together and has definitely brought us closer as a family. We give all the glory to God for His great grace, there is nothing we can take credit for, it’s been supernatural how easy it’s been. Praise the Lord. 

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