Combrink Family Testimony

By Michael Combrink

Lockdown… I never thought that a virus named COVID 19 would have such a big impact on our lives; that something so small could cause the whole world to come to a standstill.

We would have never thought that we would be confined to our home for such a long period, unable to go anywhere other than shopping for the essentials. At first, the beginning of lockdown was still within the school holidays and so it started off like that; just spending time at home. When the lockdown was extended, the schools started to send out homework; and this caused the normal things we did, around the house, to change.

With three kids in different grades that all need attention regarding their individual school work is quite challenging. For the kids, it still feels like a holiday, and that makes it difficult to get their minds around the fact that they are back at school now, and it’s not playtime for the whole day. 

We soon realized that we need to bring some balance into our days.

I saw a Slipstream post on Facebook, promoting a ‘Home run challenge’. I immediately felt that this will help us to keep active during this time; and that we could all participate as a family. 

By participating in the home run challenge we have brought balance into doing homework in the mornings, and spending some quality time outside as a family in the afternoons.

We have planned a route around our home. Our first run felt very strange, we laughed a lot, I mean, whose neighbours run around their home? Strange as it seemed, going round and round we found that this challenge brought the whole family closer together. We started talking about things that we normally will not have time to talk about, and we have also created time for new games to play after the run; as we cool down.

This home run challenge, along with the daily messages from Pastor John and Pastor Sharon, has not only kept us active and positive but, has also encouraged us during these uncertain times.

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