21km at 87 Years Old

By Sharron Swanepoel

My mother joined the SlipStream Challenge during the Lockdown. She is 87 years young. She wanted to do the 21km Challenge. 

Here is some history:

About 4 and a half years ago, after my grandson’s birth, she complained about lower back pain. X-rays were taken and showed that she had compact fractures above and below a fusion in her back. The doctors advised us that another operation would be necessary to fix her back and help alleviate her pain.

A few weeks later she was admitted to the Faerie Glen Hospital. Numerous tests were done, and the specialists said they could not do anything for her because she had many other health issues. She had heart and kidney failure and only 60% of proper lung function. She had to be on oxygen for 20 hours a day. 

While she was in the hospital, she said one day that I had to call Ps Sharon and Pastor Christi; she needed to see them immediately. I told her that it was impossible as they were busy with other duties, but she could pray in tongues.

She had been praying for about 20 minutes when she suddenly opened her eyes and said to me that she had ‘gone’, but Jesus brought her back and He said that He wasn’t finished with her yet.

From that day her health started to improve and she saw Him in her room every day after that, while she was awake.

When wee brought her home, I could not care for her and so I had to put her into the White Rose Hospice here in Witbank. She had been in the Hospice for three weeks when we brought her home for a weekend, and she never went back. 

It was a long struggle, but things got better every day. 

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